Egyptian Society during the Ramesside period, Dynasties XIX and XX

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Religion, death and burial

4.4 Funerary customs: afterlife concepts and mummification

See also Kristine's presentation for this topic

Go to the Theban Mapping Project ‘Articles’ page.
There is a five-page article titled: “Funerary Equipment”.

Page 1
List the items that were required for a proper burial.

Page 2
Describe some of the features of 19th Dynasty sarcophagi.
What problems are there in studying New Kingdom coffins?
Describe the royal coffins.

Page 3
What was the purpose of canopic jars and canopic chests?
How many of these are extant?
What were shabtis (ushabtis)? Describe them.

Page 4
What were magic bricks?

Page 5
List the types of containers, clothes, weapons and jewellery placed in tombs.

There are many sites with information on mummification.
See King Tut Shop and Mummytombs.

For "afterlife concepts" see also the next section: Funerary texts.