Egyptian Society during the Ramesside period, Dynasties XIX and XX

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Religion, death and burial

4.5 Funerary texts: The Book of the Dead and the Am Duat (Book of What is in the Netherworld), The Book of Gates

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Go to the Theban Mapping Project ‘Articles’ page.
There is a five-page article titled: “Funerary Compositions”. On the second page you will find The Book of Gates and the Am Duat (called ‘Imydwat’), and on the fourth page you will find The Book of the Dead.

You can also go to the Tour Egypt website. There is a general introduction to the texts. (Don't take the "Amduat" link because it leads you to the "Litany of Re".)

Then, of course, there is good (?) old Wikipedia.

Translations of the whole of each text can be found at Internet Sacred Texts Archive.

Have a browse around and you will find many other sources.

  • Draw up a table as shown below and fill in the information using the above websites.

Where is it found? (19th and 20th Dynasties)
The Book of the Dead

Am Duat

Thye Book of Gates

Book of Gates, middle of the third hour

In the middle of the third hour, from the Book of Gates (right), Ra can be seen in a shrine on a boat, accompanied by Sa and Hekau. The boat is being pulled by four gods. The rope is tied to a beam borne by eight mummiform gods (only two can be seen here). At each end of the beam is a bull's head.

Book of Gates, 12th Gate, from tomb of Ramesses VI, KV 9