Egyptian Society during the Ramesside period, Dynasties XIX and XX

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Religion, death and burial

4.7 Tombs: architecture and decoration: Thebes, Memphis, Deir el-Medina

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Go to the Theban Mapping Project ‘Articles’ page.
  • For Tomb architecture, go the the article: “Development of Tombs”. The second page of this article discusses 19th and 20th Dynasty tombs.
  • For ancient names of various tomb chambers, go the article: “Anatomy of a Tomb: Ancient Designations”.
  • For tomb decoration, go to the article: “Decorating the Tombs”.

Go to the Atlas section of the Theban Mapping Project and visit some of the tombs:
  • KV1: Ramesses VII
  • KV2: Ramesses IV
  • KV3: son of Ramesses III
  • KV4: Ramesses XI
  • KV5: sons of Ramesses II
  • KV6: Ramesses IX
  • KV7: Ramesses II
  • KV8: Merenptah
  • KV9: Ramesses V and Ramesses VI
  • KV10: Amenmesses
  • KV11: Ramesses III
  • KV14: Tausert and Setnakht
  • KV15: Seti II
  • KV16: Ramesses I
  • KV17: Seti I
  • KV18: Ramesses X
  • KV47: Siptah

For some images and information on the Deir el-Medina necropolis, go to the Digital Imaging Project, Bluffton University.

(For 1.2 Significant sites – visit Digital Imaging Project, Bluffton University.)
(For 3.4 Techonlogical development – see the article: “Tomb Digging and Cutting Techniques”.)
(For 3.5 tomb robberies – see the article: “Tomb Robberies”.)