Julius Caesar

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Assessment of his life and career

See "An evaluation of Julius Caesar" on the last page of Booklet 2. This gives a summary of some of the points made by Suetonius about Caesar.

From "Some Assessments of Julius Caesar" make notes on the following areas:
For each historian:
  • list the specific qualities/skills/talents etc. that they attribute to Caesar
  • list any criticisms of Caesar
  • select some short, pithy sentences that you can memorise and quote
  • write a sentence or two which give a general overview of the historian's attitude to Caesar

The historians and the dates of publication of the quoted works are:
Christian Meier (1982)
Mattias Gelzer (1921 with subsequent revisions and the English translation in 1968)
H.H. Scullard (1959)
Lily Ross Taylor (1949)
Ronald Syme (1939)