Fall of the Roman Republic 78-31 BC

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Significance of Caesar's dictatorship

from Booklet 2:

pp.26-29: Caesar's Autocratic Position
Summarize the powers held by Caesar and the honours granted to Caesar.
To what extent had autocratic rule been established?
What was the significance of the powers and honours for the fate of the republic?
How did some people react to Caesar's power?

pp.29-30: Caesar's reforms
Summarise Caesar's reforms.
Which of these are the most significant?

pp.30-31: Caesar's plans for the immediate future
What health problems did Caesar have in his last years?
What did Caesar see as the future of Rome?
What were his own immediate plans for the future?

pp.31-32: The assassination of Caesar
Why was Caesar assassinated?
Who was involved in the plot?

p.32: An evaluation of Caesar
List Caesar's attributes as discussed in this section.

from Ancient sources:

"What distresses me is something which never happened in any other state, that the recovery of freedom did not mean the revival of free government."
Cicero, "Letter to Atticus 9/10 April 44" in Selected Works, p.91