Fall of the Roman Republic 78-31 BC

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Caesar's military activities in Gaul, Germany and Britain

Past HSC question: 2001
Account for Roman success in the Gallic Wars.

from Booklet 2:
pp.9-12: Caesar's campaigns in Gaul 58-50
Map of Gaul showing places mentioned in Caesar's "Gallic Wars"

  • What were the advantages for Caesar of the provinces allocated to him for his proconsular command?

  • Describe Caesar's defeat of the following peoples: Helvetii; Suebi; Belgae; Veneti. Locate each of these groups on your map.
    Statue of Vercingetorix at Alise-Saint-Reign, France (Alesia)
  • What was the significance of this first stage of Caesar's Gallic campaign?

  • Outline Caesar's treatment of the German tribes and his excursions to Britain.
  • Assess the importance of these actions.

  • How did events in Rome affect the situation in Gaul?
  • Describe the uprising of Gauls led by Vercingetorix.
  • What were the results of Caesar's conquest of Gaul?
  • What was its significance for Caesar, the Romans and the Gauls?
  • Account for the success of Caesar in Gaul.

See the relevant references at Julius Caesar: Relationship with his army.